The nearest normal spiral galaxy like our own: 
M31, also known as The Andromeda Galaxy

Welcome to Ed Colbert's Home Page!

I am an astrophysicist who works on accreting black holes in normal and active galaxies, galactic winds, Seyfert and starburst galaxies, and X-ray supernovae. I am currently an Associate Research Scientist in the Physics and Astronomy Department at the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) in Baltimore, MD. I am also an Associate Research Professor in the Physics Department at the Catholic University of America (CUA) in Washington, DC. I am currently supervising the PhD thesis of CUA graduate student Ciprian Berghea.

Have a look at a PDF version of my Curriculum Vitae (last updated April 23, 2006), or my PhD thesis.

artist's conception of an intermediate-mass
black hole

  Mailing Address:                            Telephone numbers:

  Johns Hopkins University                    (410) 516-8520 office
  Department of Physics and Astronomy         (410) 516-5096 FAX
  Homewood Campus
  3400 North Charles Street                   Email:
  Baltimore, MD  21218                        

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