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Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
Johns Hopkins Univ.
3400 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD  21218-2686

Curriculum Vitae | Publications

Suvi Gezari is an Associate Research Scientist in the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the Johns Hopkins University. As a member of the Pan-STARRS (PS1) and the Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) teams her research focus is on time domain astrophysics.

Select Publications on Tidal Disruption Events

An ultraviolet-optical flare from the tidal disruption of a helium-rich stellar core, Gezari, S., et al. 2012, Nature, 485, 217

Optical Discovery of Probable Stellar Tidal Disruption Flares, van Velzen, S., Farrar, G. R., Gezari, S., et al. 2011, ApJ, 741, 73

Luminous Thermal Flares from Quiescent Supermassive Black Holes, Gezari, S. et al. 2009, ApJ, 698, 1367

UV/Optical Detections of Candidate Tidal Disruption Events by GALEX and CFHTLS, Gezari, S. et al. 2008, ApJ, 676, 944

Ultraviolet Detection of the Tidal Disruption of a Star by a Supermassive Black Hole, Gezari, S. et al. 2006, ApJ, 653, L25

Follow-Up Chandra Observations of Three Candidate Tidal Disruption Events, Halpern, J. P., Gezari, S., Komossa, S. 2004, ApJ, 604, 572

Follow-Up HST/STIS Spectroscopy of Three Candidate Tidal Disruption Events, Gezari, S. et al. 2003, ApJ, 592, 42

Select Publications on Core-Collapse Supernovae

GALEX and Pan-STARRS1 Discovery of SN IIP 2010aq: The First Few Days After Shock Breakout in a Red Supergiant Star, Gezari, S. et al. 2010, ApJ, 720, L77

Pushing the Boundaries of Conventional Core-Collapse Supernovae: The Extremely Energetic Supernova SN 2003ma, Rest, A., Foley, R. J., Gezari, S. et al. 2011, ApJ, 729, 88

Discovery of the Ultra-Bright Type II-L Supernova 2008es, Gezari, S. et al. 2009, ApJ, 690, 1313

Probing Shock Breakout with Serendipitous GALEX Detections of Two SNLS Type II-P Supernovae, Gezari, S. et al. 2008, ApJ, 683, L131

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