Multiscale Modeling Group


Group members:

    Professor Mark Robbins (Johns Hopkins University/Physics)
    Professor Shiyi Chen (Johns Hopkins University/Mechanical Engineering)
    Professor Jean-Francois Molinari (Johns Hopkins University/Mechanical Engineering)
    Dr. Noam Bernstein (Naval Research Laboratory)
    Professor Judith Harrison (U. S. Naval Academy)
    Dr. Sangil Hyun (Johns Hopkins University/Physics)
    Dr. Ramzi Kutteh (Johns Hopkins University/Physics)
    Dr. Xiaobo Nie (Johns Hopkins University/Mechanical Engineering)
    Lin Pei (Johns Hopkins University/Mechanical Engineering)


Current Research:

    Multi-Scale Modeling and Simulation of Adhesion, Nanotribology and Nanofluidics.

This NSF funded Nanoscale Interdisciplinary Research Team brings together investigators with backgrounds in physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering and materials science. Together they are working to develop new multiscale modeling tools and apply them to problems in adhesion, nanotribology and nanofluidics. Studies of adhesion are examining how surface roughness, surface chemistry, and capillary forces affect stiction. This is the major cause of failure in micromachines and becomes more important as device size decreases. Research on nanotribology will start from contact geometries determined in the adhesion studies. Quantitative comparison between continuum mechanics and MD simulations will be performed at different scales to determine how continuum mechanics breaks down and at what scale. The effect of molecular structure of boundary lubricants, surface roughness, and other factors on friction in nanocontacts will be studied. Work on nanofluidics will focus on changes in flow as the mean free path becomes comparable to some dimensions of the flow path, with an emphasis on understanding lubricant transport to and around nanoscale contacts.


Public and Private group material.


Other groups working on MM:

    Computational Physics and Materials Theory Group (Harvard)
    Barbara J. Garrison's Research Group (Penn State)
    Multiscale Materials@Cornell
    Multiscale Materials Modeling (MIT)
    Computational Solid Mechanics Group (Caltech)
    CAMP Open Software project (Denmark)


Links of interest:

    Applied Computational Research Society
    Materials Research Society
    Centre Europeen de Calcul Atomique et Moleculaire - CECAM

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