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  1. Pictures from the California trip, again!

    I have upgraded our gallery technology to something significantly better than what we had before, both admin-side and user-side. Our photos now all live here, living in the storage space provided for us by the Johns Hopkins ACM.

    New galleries (including the photos from the Brookhaven trip, which should be up in a day or two) will be posted there and linked in all the right places here.

    In the mean time, I have updated all of our references to the California gallery that was posted on the site previously.

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  2. This week's meeting

    The JHU Society of Physics Students and JHU JOSH will host a formal dance! There will be music and food in the Bloomberg ground floor telescope rotunda, and SPS members will take you up to the rooftop observatory for stargazing. The event is free and open to everyone, and donations will be accepted at the door.

    The formal will be on 10/24 between 7:30 PM and 12 AM. See you there!

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  3. Internship and research opportunities

    Adding to our list of resources (the "Handbook" category has been renamed to "Resources"), here's a collection of things research opportunities and internships. More will almost certainly be added here in the future.

    First, this page, which is also linked in our sidebar, is from the NSF and is a large list of possible internships.

    Other resources include:

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  4. The Handbook!

    We've finally gotten far enough along in the Physics Major Handbook that we feel comfortable talking about it more here.

    As I mentioned before, this is a student-created guide intended to discuss the physics major from a student perspective, providing insight we've accumulated over the years for freshmen and incoming students. The goal is to prevent each class from having to learn the same lessons over and over again.

    Most of the credit goes to Vittorio Loprinzo for getting this done, but the rest of the current board provided feedback.

    Click here for a PDF copy.

    If you've got suggestions, comments, complaints, objections, or any other sort of feedback, please feel free to get in touch with us (see the links on the right, or on this page). As we update the handbook, we'll announce it on here.

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  5. Applying to Graduate School, from SPS in 2004

    One initiative we're currently working on over the summer is developing a student-created handbook for the physics major. Vittorio has taken the initiative here, but we're building on the work begun by the Class of 2012. Expect that to be posted relatively soon.

    Why am I talking about it now, if it is not finished?

    The old SPS websites contain a lot of valuable resources that nearly fell off the internet. We'll be reposting them, along with our own guides, under the "Handbook" category; click the Handbook button on the sidebar to see them all in one convenient place. (Once we have more material available, anyway).

    Today's topic: Applying to Graduate School, courtesy of the 2004-2005 chapter.

    Click here to read it!

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  6. Pictures from the California trip!

    So, I finally did this. Galleries are now a thing; we can add image galleries to the site and they will be rendered.

    The software wanted to convert everything into a 200x200 thumbnail, which is why you see what you see below. (Click on this post to see them). Clicking on a picture will bring up the larger version.

    This may seem silly to you, but believe me, I tried disabling the thumbnailer and it was much sillier. Our gallery technology may improve in the future, but hey, at least we have pictures on the site now!

    (Old galleries from the old site will probably get imported soon).

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  7. Events this week

    This week, SPS is hosting two major events.

    On Wednesday 4/30 at 4pm in Bloomberg 462, we’ll be having our annual Feedback Session - an opportunity to tell the faculty what you’d like to see changed around the department. If you have feedback you’d like to voice, please reply to this email - all of our comments have been organized by the SPS board. Sigma Pi Sigma inductions will also happen then, and we’ll have lots of free food.

    On Friday 5/2 at 5pm in Bloomberg 478 (PUC Lab), we’ll be holding our semesterly LAN Party. We’ll have tons of video games, plus food! This event is open to EVERYONE, so please bring your friends! Don’t forget a computer and any games you’d like to play! The event will probably last a very long time, so don’t worry about being late.

    See you soon!

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  8. Meeting 4/18

    Our next meeting will be on Friday 4/18 at 4pm in Bloomberg 462. Professor and PHA Department Chair Dan Reich will be coming to talk about his research in biophysics. Please attend!

    Check back soon for info about the upcoming Feedback Session and Laser Tag Easter Egg Hunt!

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  9. New SPS Board 2014-15

    At our meeting on Friday 4/4 (which was not announced here because I had tech trouble), SPS elected its new officers for the upcoming academic year. They are:

    • President - Vittorio Loprinzo
    • VP - Joseph Cleary
    • Outreach - Carolyn Ortega
    • Technology - Ben Rosser
    • Secretary - Lauren Aldoroty
    • Treasurer - Julia Chavarry

    I'm looking forward to a second term as President, and to taking the club to new places with the new board!

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  10. Meeting 3/28

    I hope everyone enjoyed their Spring Break!

    Thanks to our webmaster, Ben, I can now post announcements here, so you should begin to see them fairly regularly. Check back often!

    Our next meeting will be Friday 3/28, at 4:00pm in Bloomberg 462. As you may know, a team of physicists last week announced that they've detected evidence of gravitational waves. This is kind of a big deal, so we've got Professor Marc Kamionkowski coming to our meeting to give a talk on the subject. He's been all over the news lately, since this experimental evidence supports many of his theories. This talk should be right on the cutting edge of physics, so please attend!

    Also, just an aside: SPS went on a department-funded trip to California last week to visit some national labs. We went to SLAC, LBL, and many interesting sites around the San Francisco area. If you attended the trip, please gather your photos and receipts and bring them to the meeting!

    -Vittorio L.

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  11. Friday 3/7 Meeting

    We are meeting tomorrow! Vittorio says:

    First off, our next meeting will be tomorrow, Friday 3/7, at 4pm in Bloomberg 462. I know I said Professor Reich would be coming to give a talk, but he can’t make it, so instead, Professor Mihai Tohaneanu of the math department will be coming to give a talk. It should be interesting - his research focuses primarily, to my understanding, on mathematical black holes, and I’m looking forward to hearing what he has to say. Please attend, as he’s a PHA guest!

    He also says:

    Next up, our Physics Fair is coming up soon-ish (it’s during Spring Fair), and the people organizing it would like volunteers to sign up as soon as possible! I really expect every SPS member to pitch in - this is a huge effort by the department every year and we’re always a major part of it.

    So, sign up! Look at the jobs spreadsheets to see what kinds of jobs there are; if you don't have any idea what you want to do, write 'anything'.

    Ben Rosser

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  12. Welcome to the new site!

    Welcome to the new SPS website!

    This is all currently a work in progress, as you might be able to tell, and is liable to change drastically as people yell at me and tell me to fix things.

    All of the content from the old site has been ported over, however, so I think we're good to go!

    Also, for anyone actually reading this, let me plug our new IRC channel, #jhusps (see this page for details). Come join us (or, rather, me, because I'm the only one there at the moment).

    Stuff we will ideally have eventually:

    • A calendar system under the Meetings section that actually works
    • A page on the history of our chapter
    • Announcements (for meetings, primarily) on the front page
    • More information about the office and what we have there
    • A member list of some sort or another

    Ben Rosser

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