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Dr. Janice Guikema is an experimental physicist in condensed matter physics. She is also an experienced physics instructor in both traditional and online learning environments. Her research interests include nanoscale materials, scanning probe microscopy, superconductivity, and energy related materials. Most recently she has been working on a remarkable material called graphene in collaboration with the Marković group at Johns Hopkins as well as with scientists at JHU's Applied Physics Laboratory. Janice got her Ph.D. from Stanford, did a postdoc at Cornell, and taught physics at Texas A&M before moving to Baltimore. While at JHU she was a two-time recipient of the M. Hildred Blewett Fellowship from the American Physical Society.

NEWS: Janice is relocating to Ann Arbor, Michigan in July 2015.


Aug 2013 - present Senior Professional Staff I (Temporary On-Call)*
JHU Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, MD 
Mar 2009 - July 2014

Apr 2011 - Sept 2012
Mar 2008 - Feb 2009
Associate Research Scientist*, Department of Physics & Astronomy
          (on leave Aug 2013 - July 2014)
Course Developer*, Center for Talented Youth (CTYOnline)
Postdoctoral Fellow*, Department of Physics & Astronomy
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD 
Jan 2006 - Dec 2007 Lecturer*, Department of Physics
Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 
Jan 2004 - Nov 2005 Postdoctoral Associate (advisor: Dan Ralph)
Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 
Apr 2004 Ph.D. in Physics (advisor: Kathryn Moler)
Stanford University, Stanford, CA 
May 1998 B.A. in Physics (summa cum laude)
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
* indicates a part-time position

 (also view in ResearcherID)

Atikur Rahman, Janice Wynn Guikema, Nora M. Hassan, and Nina Marković. "Angle-dependent transmission in graphene heterojunctions." Applied Physics Letters 106, 013112 (2015).

Atikur Rahman, Janice Wynn Guikema, and Nina Marković. "Quantum Noise and Asymmetric Scattering of Electrons and Holes in Graphene." Nano Letters 14, 6621 (2014).

Atikur Rahman, Janice Wynn Guikema, and Nina Marković. "Quantum interference noise near the Dirac point in graphene." Physical Review B 89, 235407 (2014).

Atikur Rahman, Janice Wynn Guikema, Soo Hyung Lee, and Nina Marković. "Transmission of phase information between electrons and holes in graphene." Physical Review B 87, 081401(R) (2013).

J.W. Guikema, H. Bluhm, D.A. Bonn, R. Liang, W.N. Hardy, and K.A. Moler. "Two-dimensional vortex behavior in highly underdoped YBa2Cu3O6+x observed by scanning Hall probe microscopy." Physical Review B 77, 104515 (2008).

H. Bluhm, S.E. Sebastian, J.W. Guikema, I.R. Fisher and K.A. Moler. "Scanning Hall probe imaging of ErNi2B2C." Physical Review B 73, 014514 (2006).

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R. Liang, D.A. Bonn, W.N. Hardy, J.C. Wynn, K.A. Moler, L. Lu, S. Larochelle, L. Zhou, M. Greven, L.Lurio and S.G.J. Mochrie. "Preparation and characterization of homogeneous YBCO single crystals with doping level near the SC-AFM boundary." Physica C 383, 1 (2002).

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J.C. Wynn, D.A. Bonn, B.W. Gardner, Yu-Ju Lin, R. Liang, W.N. Hardy, J.R. Kirtley and K.A. Moler. "Limits on spin-charge separation from h/2e fluxoids in very underdoped YBa2Cu3O6+x." Physical Review Letters 87, 197002 (2001).

B.W. Gardner, J.C. Wynn, P.G. Björnsson, E.W.J. Straver, K.A. Moler, J.R. Kirtley and M.B. Ketchen. "Scanning superconducting quantum interference device susceptometry." Review of Scientific Instruments 72, 2361 (2001).

Ph.D. Dissertation

J.W. Guikema. Scanning Hall probe microscopy of magnetic vortices in very underdoped yttrium-barium-copper-oxide. Stanford University, Department of Physics (March 2004).  [abstract (html)]  [full document (pdf 5.2MB)]


J.W. Guikema.
 "Overview of Graphene Properties and Processing [and Applications]." Short Course, Mid-Atlantic Micro/Nano Alliance, Laurel, Maryland. October 19, 2011.  [abstract]

J.W. Guikema.
 "Atomically Thin Graphene Hall Cross Devices as Sensitive Magnetic Field Probes." Invited Talk, APS March Meeting, Dallas, Texas. March 22, 2011.  [abstract]

J.W. Guikema.
 "Wonder Material Graphene and its Application as a Nanoscale Magnetic Sensor." Plenary Talk, OSAPS 2010 Conference, Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio. October 8, 2010.  [abstract]


Marković Lab at JHU
JHU Applied Physics Lab (Laurel, MD)
Moler Lab at Stanford
Ralph Lab at Cornell
Women in Physics (APS)
      M. Hildred Blewett Fellowship (APS)

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