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This applet is currently under construction!!! There is a good chance there are several bugs, both in the Java code and the mathematical calculations. Please keep this in mind.

This applet demonstrates some of the basic concepts of quantum computation. Quantum information theory makes use of qubits, or Quantum Bits. Qubits, unlike classical bits, can be in a superposition of the two states 0 and 1.

Qubits can be represented as a spinor, which is essentially a 2-element column matrix. Each element can be a complex number. Such spinors obey the SU(2) algebra, and can be represented in spherical coordinates on the Bloch Sphere.

Thus far, only single-gate operations are demonstrated. The user controls the input state of a qubit, and can select a single-gate operator. The resulting qubit produced from the input qubit and operator is also displayed.

Jeffrey Wasserman
April 13, 2004