This is the home page of Karl Glazebrook.  I am a Professor at the Johns Hopkins University Physics and Astronomy Department and a Packard Foundation Fellow. I teach undergraduate courses in introductory astrophysics. My research area is the observational study of galaxies - studying their properties and evolution over cosmic time. In particular I work on the Gemini Deep Deep Survey of very high-redshift (distant) galaxies, and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey the largest survey of nearby galaxies yet undertaken as well as many other things. In my Observational Galaxy Evolution research group are  Dr Ivan Baldry and Dr Sandra Savaglio and graduate students Erik Hoversten and Kuenley Chiu. Our research has recently featured in Nature and in Science as well as the more popular media (links: NY Times, USA Today, Scientific American, Discover).

As of September 2006 Karl has left Johns Hopkins to take up a new position as a Professor in the Centre for Astrophysics & Supercomputing at the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. If you are interested in my research please contact me there. This web page will be re-directed shortly. Alternatively click here.

Last Modified:  Mar 6th, 2007
Karl Glazebrook