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I am a Research Scientist with the Henry A. Rowland Department of Physics and Astronomy of The Johns Hopkins University and I work with the X-ray Laboratory of the Astrophysics Science Division of the Goddard Space Flight Center. I work with data from ROSAT, Chandra, HST, XMM, and Suzaku.

Research Area:

My interests lie primarily in the study of the hot Galactic ISM using X-ray observations, and I am particularly interested in isolating and studying the hot Galactic halo. Understanding the extent and nature of the hot Galactic halo places constraints on models of galaxy formation and will be crucial for studies of the Warm-Hot Intergalactic Medium. In classical ISM studies, X-ray observations directly address such active questions as the filling factor of hot gas. Isolating the hot galactic halo requires characterization of the Galactic foreground components such as the Local Hot Bubble and the Galactic bulge by a combination of absorption and broad-band photometric techniques. The current generation of X-ray instruments makes possible isolation of the various components by spectroscopic techniques, given long exposures and accurate instrumental background calibration. I am currently using a combination of Guest Observer observations and archival data from Chandra and XMM-Newton to study the Local Hot Bubble, the Galactic bulge, and the Loop I superbubble in preparation for a large-scale study of the Galactic halo.

In parallel, I am pursuing a study of the diffuse X-ray emission in galaxies similar to the Milky Way in order to constrain the amounts/types of emission from various structural components; arms, bulge, extended spheroid, etc.. This study has recently led to an excursion into the HST optical identification of X-ray point sources in M101 in order to determine the distribution of sources among Low-Mass X-ray binaries, High-Mass X-ray binaries, and background AGN.

The source matching software will be available here shortly

The SWCX modelling software will be available here shortly


Positions Held:

  • 20?? - present Research Scientist, JHU
  • 2005 - 20?? Associate Research Scientist, JHU
  • Spring 2009 UMCP Temporary Lecturer for ASTR421
  • Fall 2006 UMCP Temporary Lecturer for ASTR421
  • 2001 - 2005 Post Doctoral Fellow, JCA
  • 1993 - 2000 Graduate Assistant, University of Maryland
  • 1988 - 1993 Science Data Analyst, Space Telescope Science Institute

Principal Publications:

Other Publications:

Proceedings & Miscellany:

  • ``Quantifying the Exospheric Component of Soft X-ray Emission''
    K.D. Kuntz, M.R. Collier*, I Robertson, K. Hansen, S.L. Snowden, and T. Cravens, 2007, AGU
  • ``What Can We Learn about the Milky Way from M101'',
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  • ``The Galactic X-ray Halo'',
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  • ``The Formation of High-Ionization Species Associated with Intermediate Velocity HI'',
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  • ``The Disk-Halo Connection in the Milky Way: Highly Ionized Gas in the Intermediate Velocity Arch'',
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  • ``The HVC/IVC Complex C II: Its Distance and Ionization'',
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  • ``Infalling Gas Toward the North Galactic Pole'',
    K. D. Kuntz and L. Danly, 1989, BAAS, 21, 1123.

Publications (Non-astronomy):

  • ``The Old Goucher Historic District: A Walking Tour'',
    K. D. Kuntz and Dr. Dr. L. M. Principe, 1997.
  • ``A Plan for the Redevelopment of the Goucher Square Neighborhood (South Charles Village)'',
    K.D. Kuntz, 1993.


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