January 20, 2009: Through Congressman's Scott Garrett's (R-NJ) office, I was able to procure two tickets to the inauguration of Barack Obama in Washington, DC! We were asked to pick the tickets up in person at the Congressman’s DC office the day before the event. There, we were handed a packet of materials that I have decided to share with the world. Included below are links to the five items included in that packet. Pay special attention to the high school level English in Congressman Garrett’s “personal” letter. You get bonus points if you can spot the grammatical errors!

Letter of Welcome from Scott Garrett
Official Inauguration Ticket
Inauguration Ceremonies Program
Joe Biden Photo
Barack Obama Photo

June 20, 2008: This wasn’t supposed to happen. And it certainly wasn’t supposed to happen like this. On Friday, June 20, 2008, Croatia battled Turkey in the quarterfinals of the quadrennial European Soccer Championship. Croatia was heavily favored and after the referees had called 46 fouls, Turkey had lost two key players, Demirel and Aurelio, and their defense had suffered from injuries, nobody thought the Turks had a shot.

At the end of regulation and the first overtime period, the game was tied 0-0. There would be a 15-minute final overtime period plus 2 minutes of additional play to make-up for injury time used earlier in the game. Then, at minute 118, Croatia’s Modric, a substitute for the tiring team, came in and scored giving Croatia a 1-0 lead with less than 4 minutes to go. All seemed lost until in the 120th minute, beyond the period of normal game expiration, Turkey’s Senturk matched with a goal of his own, sending the game into penalty kicks and giving Turkish fans a reason to believe.

A rejuvenated Turkish team blocked all penalty kicks, won the game, and sent the Turkish fans into a frenzy. Outside of Turkey itself, one of densest populations of Turkish citizens in the world is in Munich, Germany. I happened to be on hand with some new friends to capture their reactions before, during, and after the game.

April 5, 2008: This is the first photo gallery to chronicle my annual April Fools' Day Party! 2008 marked my party's fourth anniversary and it was, for me, the most fun party I've ever thrown. The year's theme was "Holiday Madness" where everyone was encouraged to come dressed in the spirit of their favorite holiday. Great friends Jon Marcus and Andy Tirrell came down from NYC, and many others (a great majority of whom are not pictured in this gallery) came from Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, and points in between! Kudos to Dennis for coming as Bastille Day and Daryl for personifying the Spring Equinox! Maybe you’ll stop by at the next one?
February 11, 2008: Then-Senator Barack Obama made an appearance at Baltimore's 1st Mariner Arena for a rally several days prior to Maryland's primary election. Prior to Obama's appearance speeches were made by Maryland Representative Elijah Cummings and Baltimore City Mayor Sheila Dixon. This photo gallery contains some images of approximately 13,000 people packed in to see the next President speak.
December 22, 2007: 2 Girls 1 Cup is an infamous internet video involving vomit and defecation between two girls during a vaguely pornographic act. Those who've seen it routinely report it to be one of the most foul and disgusting things they've ever viewed. This year at Will Newman's Christmas party, Cagg was bold enough to watch this internet monstrosity. These photos capture her reactions along the way.
December 22, 2007: What was supposed to be a simple photograph of Brookes Brown at Will Newman's 2007 Christmas party became an absurd marathon of patience. How many times in a row can a person blink when you attempt to take a picture of them? Click to find out!
November 3, 2007: The Annual JHU Phyiscs & Astronomy Halloween Party was held at my house in 2007 and the costumes didn't disappoint! We welcomed the full Aqua Teen Hunger Force, witches, pirates, a team of divers, a two-way woman, a life-sized functional version of the game Operation, and a pair of post modernists. This gallery showcases some of the party's attendees and costumes.

September 15, 2007: The 4th Annual New Jersey Hot Dog tour, organized by Erwin Benz and narrated by regional hot dog expert, John Fox, kicked off in Kenilworth, New Jersey at the Galloping Hill Inn. We visited other great hot dog eateries including Jimmy Buff's, Papaya King, Libby's Lunch, Father & Son, and Manny's Texas Wieners.  At noon, about 40 of us hopped onto a school bus, were driven around the state, and filled our stomachs with delicious hot dogs until a few people, I think, exploded.  For more information on similar activities, visit www.roadfood.com.  This is the best of US kitsch.

December 31, 2006 - January 1, 2007: This was a New Years party hosted by Kait and James at the house in Rodger's Forge. Maryland friends and debate friends collide!