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See the Distributed Computing or BOINC - Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computinglinks for more info.

Work history:
I attended Rice University in Houston, Texas. I began working part-time as a student microcomputer consultant in 1987 for the central campus computing organization. A year later I switched to a student UNIX systems administration position as UNIX began to explode on campus. In 1989 I joined the University staff as a UNIX Systems Programmer. I completed my degree and graduated in May, 1991. I worked happily at Rice as the leader of a group of full and part-time UNIX administors until I moved up to Baltimore in October, 1993 to become engaged.

I worked as a contractor for Pencom to Bell Atlantic-MD in Silver Spring for about a year before extending my 70 mile/day commute to a 110 mile/day one by taking a job at a small software development company, Personal Library Software. This insanity ended in 1996 and I now have a scenic 7 mile/day commute which avoids both the Baltimore and the DC beltways! I often bike to work during nice weather.

Distributed Computing:
The typical computer wastes MOST of its mathematical potential. While you sleep. While you think about what to type next. Given the millions of networked computers in the world, and all of their potential computational power, it seems obvious that it could be put to good use. And it can. While many thousands of people donate their spare computer power to the search for extra terrestial life, (SETI), it seems like a (much) better idea to devote that power to healthcare - the health of humans and of the Earth's biosphere.

Therefore I have been very interested in participating in distributed computing efforts related to protein folding, and now climate modeling. For a single page that describes (and illustrates!) protein folding very well, see this page from Stanford University's Folding@Home project. Folding@Home has been a huge success. Please visit their site and consider installing their screen saver on your computer!!!

Sadly, Folding@Home does not offer a Solaris client program, so I have contributed some computation to another protein folding research effort, the Distributed Folding Project . It is one of the activities of the Blueprint Initiative, a research program of the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Canada.

My next contributions may be to a new effort, Climate Prediction.Net

Is global warming just a theory? I think not. Even if it is not 100% human-caused, do we want to risk being wrong? Shouldn't we take better care of the planet...anyway?!?!? There ARE other planets out there, but they won't help us. It's like drowning at the bottom of a backyard swimming pool looking upwards at the sunlight. There IS air up there, but if you can't reach it in time, it doesn't matter.

Therefore I have started eliminating electrical waste at home and work. Using electricity is good. Wasting it is not. Baltimore's electricity is primarily made from coal and nuclear sources. Both of those are expensive, in the long term. Coal is dirty now, nuclear is dirty long into the future.

After replacing most of the lightbulbs in my house with compact fluorescents, I decided to actually generate some electricity. I am now using a solar panel to create electricity! It wasn't hard! Check out my home solar electric system!!!

I'm a lifetime member of Real Goods, a company which sells products to help us have an ecologically-sustainable future. Go there. Learn new ideas. Reduce, reuse, recycle. (Lifetime membership cost me $50, got me the $30 book I wanted to buy anyway (the Solar Living Sourcebook), and I save 5% on everything I order from them.)

A large amount of information is available at the Renenewable Resource Data Center. For example, there is a calculator of how much electricity you can generate with solar cell panels at PVWATTS

Best movies I've seen Movie list!

Pictures from our 1997 trip to Europe: Photos!

During my long-distance commuting life, I was saved from mental breakdown by the intelligent and diverse programming on WAMU 88.5FM and WJHU 88.1FM, which carry programs by NPR. I had three hours a day in the car to listen and now I'm a firm supporter of the Public Broadcasting Corporation. The magic of the marketplace DOES NOT produce excellent broadcast journalism -- it produces Hard Copy and other trash (Question: What's Michael Jackson doing these days? Answer: I still don't care.).

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